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Sherwood Amphos Air Dive Watch Computer

Sherwood Amphos Air Dive Watch Computer
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Sherwood Scuba adds the additional feature of Hoseless Air Integration with the introduction of the Amphos Air. The chrome accents give this stylish computer the flair needed to be used as a daily watch but still provides all the computing power you need when diving.

Four Operating Modes
Air Integration
Two Gas (21 – 50% and 21 – 100%)
Independent PO2 alarm settings for each gas
DSAT Decompression Model (Modified Haldanean)
Loading bar graphs (Nitrogen, Oxygen, Ascent)
Logbook: 24 Dives (3 screens each)
History Mode: Total Dives, Max Depth, Total Dive Hours, Lowest Temp.
Display is based on the intuitive Wisdom3 format
Safety and Deep Stop with countdown (Min:Sec)
Selectable audible alarms with flashing icons
Wet activation
Data retention: Maintains settings and data during battery swap
Available with and without Transmitter
Optional: USB Cable Connector
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