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Pediatric Adult/Child/Infant First Aid & CPR G2015

Do you feel adequately prepared to render assistance to a child or infant in an emergency? If not, this course will give you the necessary skills to perform first aid and CPR.

The MEDIC FIRST AID Pediatric is designed to meet regulatory requirements for CPR and First Aid training for day care providers, school personnel, bus drivers, and youth sport coaches.  This course also provides excellent training, skills, peace of mind, and preparedness for baby sitters, neighborhood groups, parents, and grandparents.

MEDIC FIRST AID Pediatric is a video-based, instructor-supervised emergency medical response training program. Our Pediatric program teaches appropriate emergency response skills, as well as prevention strategies for the care of infants and children. Adult care techniques are also included.

Pediatric Plus incorporates the use of AED into the CPR skills.

The First Aid Provider - Define, Recognize an Emergency, Personal Safety, Gloves, Legal Considerations, EMS
Sudden Cardiac Arrest
Basic CPR Skills
Basic Life Support Care - Unresponsive and Breathing, Unresponsive and Not Breathing, Using an AED
Foreign Body Airway Obstruction
First Aid Assessment - Primary and Secondary Assessments
Caring for Serious Injury - Bleeding, Head, Neck, Back, Shock Management, Swollen and Deformed Limbs
Minor Injuries
Facial Injuries - Eyes, Nosebleeds, Injured Tooth
Caring for Sudden Illness - Altered Mental Status, Stroke, Diabetic Emergencies, Seizures, Breathing Difficulty, Asthma, Severe Allergic Reactions, Pain/Pressure in Chest, Severe Abdominal Pain
Bites and Stings
Environmental Emergencies - Heat Exhaustion, Heat Stroke, Hypothermia, and Frosbite
Additional Considerations - Emergency Moves, Emotional Considerations

Adult/Child/Infant CPR
First Aid
Choking Management
First Aid


Before the course date students must:

1. Register for a class date. You can register online for one of our scheduled classes or set up  your own private class. You can also call to register and get more information at 508-907-6227 or stop into our training facility.
2. Once registered you will receive an e-mail within a few days for the online portion of the course.
3. Complete the online portion of the course before your class date.
4. Attend a practical application session. Sessions can be at our training facility, at your work, or home. Session runs approximately 1.5 to 2 hours depending on class size and abilities.

Online Class and Practical Session: $99.95 (per person 1-5) ($75 per person 6+)

Group Rates:  10 paid 1 FREE!

Full classroom session option available: $150 per person (Groups of 10 or more receive group rate of $99.95 per person) ( 4 to 4.5 hour session)

Price Includes: Online or classroom instruction, practical session, MEDIC FIRST AID Pediatric Student Guide, Wallet Skill Guide Card, Certificate of Recognition, and Successful Completion Card. Also provided in this course are use of latex gloves, roll gauze, pocket mask, manikins, and mats.

Age Requirement: There is no minimum age requirement. However, regardless of age, students must reasonably perform the required skills to receive a certification card.

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